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  1. I would use whatever name you use in your branding if that's your actual name that's fine. It's actually great because when people search for your name they'll find your page and not simply your profile.

    For coaches, it just depends, I'd use Business Person or something similar. It can always be changed later if you need to. 

    I'm sure you did it perfectly, the updates will roll out in a couple of weeks, but it's more about them moving things and less about setting it up correctly or incorrectly. Once it's up leave a link and I'll review it for you.

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  2. I'm committing to getting my new opt-in completed and into the world by Friday the 27th. 


    Outline/Scripting - Monday the 23rd

    Email Sequence Creation - Tuesday the 24th

    Recording/Editing - Thursday the 26th

    Place on site - Friday he 27th

    Facebook Ad Sequence - Friday the 27th

  3. This is a space to make sure you're seeing the results you want in your business.

    When you're working towards a new goal come in here and make the commitment. 

    For Example 

    For the month of April, I'm committing to a scheduled weekly Facebook Live and 2 random more connection focused Facebook Lives for a total of three each week. 

    Then as I do those I'd come back and share that I did it, or as I was working through I'd share progress and what I'm doing. Keep us updated and we'll check in and support you. 

    Your commitment can be around something you want to create, launch, share, learn, whatever you need. This space is for you! Make sure you create a NEW post for the commitment though though so you can keep your actions streamlined into one space. 

  4. I'm so amped to provide you guys something you've been asking for... an affiliate program! Yep, now you can invite your network and friends to join this community, and be rewareded for it. 

    Affiliate Program Details:

    • Affiliate program is limited to active members only
    • Payouts are 25% and recurring (as long as both members remain active)
    • Payouts happen 30 days after each transaction
    • A PayPal account is required to become an affiliate.
    • Once you sign up you'll receive payouts for both monthly and annual sign ups

    If you have any questions you can leave them here or email the team and I at

    Sign up to be an affiliate.